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Imagine Canine Academy

Imagine Canine Academy is a company focused on increasing the bond between humans and their dogs. Reinforcement comes in many forms and when working with each dog, we focus on what the best reward is for each particular dog. When using a dog's senses to train them, dogs respond best to scent, then sight, and then sound. We train with reward based training in order to encourage the bond between a dog and their handler.


Imagine Canine Academy offers behavior modification and customized training plans for each client and dog. We focus on spending time with each client to understand what their goals are with their dog. Whether you are looking for your dog to be the perfect home companion, to join you on every adventure, or to have a foundation for dog sports, we can help you! Through the use of clickers and an exciting primary reinforcer for the dog, the learning process is fun for everyone!

About Coaching with

Imagine Canine Academy

Imagine Canine Academy's coaching is here to help trainers grow their businesses through relationship building. We offer extensive support through working one-on-one with trainers to help them build their brand and increase their clients. Our extensive marketing and business background can help trainers have better systems and structures in place so they are able to do more of what they love - train dogs! 

Meet the Trainer

Diana Blanchard has been involved with animals and animal rescue for her entire adult life. She is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and has a masters degree in nonprofit management. With her training and business skills combined, she has helped start and run multiple training centers and is excited to be teaching through her own company, Imagine Canine Academy. 

Diana has been training and teaching for most of her life. Teaching humans to build their own relationship with their dog is passion of hers. From behavior modification to basic obedience, she is excited to tackle the challenge of each individual dog and their relationship with their humans. 

In 2014, Diana began business coaching to help others succeed in growing and building their businesses. She loves working with other dog trainers and animal trainers in general to help them build systems and structures around their companies. Diana has helped start and grow many companies and is excited to help more trainers build their businesses! 


Animals are a huge part of Diana’s life. She and her husband have 11 animals. She loves training and playing sports with her dogs, and has six active canine athletes in her household. She regularly competes in flyball, dock diving, and disc with her dogs. Diana and her husband are proud members of That's So Fetch Flyball Club. 

Diana Blanchard



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