Private Training

In-home private training offers an individualized, customized approach in the home environment, where the dog is most comfortable. Occasionally, lessons may travel to a local pet-friendly environment to work on a specific behavior or issue. We work with each client to meet individual goals for training or behavior modification.

Private Training Options

Private training with our customized positive reinforcement programs helps to ensure the most effective outcomes possible. We work with dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds, through a variety of issues or challenges. Whether your dog or puppy needs to learn good manners and obedience, or whether your dog needs conter-conditioning and desensitization to work through behavior modification, we’ll give you an understanding of how to train your dog and how to best implement your training.

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In-Home Pricing

One Training Session: $150
Four Training Sessions: $500

Virtual Private Training

Enjoy virtual lessons in the comfort of your own home, without ever having a live trainer there. This option gives you all the support you need without the distraction of a trainer for your dog. These virtual sessions are wonderful options for clients all over the country, and we’ve found that many owners and dogs enjoy learning remotely! Online private lessons include a customized training plan, video recordings of the session, and trainer support.

Combination Package

Two Private and Two Virtual Training Sessions:  $450

Virtual Pricing

One Training Session: $100
Four Training Sessions: $375

Day Training

Day Training is a great option for families that would like to have consistent lessons and training for their dog but work long hours or have small children. Our trainer comes to your house and trains your dog without you having to participate in lessons.

This month-long program requires a one-month commitment to see results. The program includes:

  • Ten sessions with our trainer and the dog (30 minutes each)
  • Two sessions with the family (30 minutes each) 
  • Weekly video updates and homework for the family 
  • Ability to schedule another private lesson after the training has been completed at a discounted rate

Day Training Pricing

One Month: $1,200
Two Months:  $2,000

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