Polite Manners and More

Fun and focused training for you and your dog!

With many of us now working from home, we are now seeing those lovely behaviors we don’t want to see from our dog. Does your dog jump on you, bark, and beg? This is the course for you! We will work on basic obedience and problem behaviors so you can have the perfect 4-legged co-worker at home!

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 What to expect in this course
Unit 2 About the instructor
Unit 3 Sections of the Course
Unit 4 Video Submission and Questions
Module 2 Unit 1
Unit 1 Training Mechanics: Clicker Training and Event Markers
Unit 2 Training Mechanics: Human Mechanics and Training Sessions
Unit 3 Training Mechanics: Training Space
Unit 4 Basic Behavior: Sit (3:11)
Unit 5 Basic Behavior: Nose Touch (1:44)
Unit 6 Problem Behavior: Barking
Unit 7 Solution: Settle (2:04)
Module 3 Unit 2
Unit 1 Training Mechanics: Adding a Cue (1:34)
Unit 2 Training Mechanics: Getting the Behavior: Shape, Capture, Lure, Target
Unit 3 Basic Behavior: Down (2:27)
Unit 4 Basic Behavior: Front Foot Target (3:38)
Unit 5 Problem Behavior: Jumping
Unit 6 Solution: Leash and other behaviors (2:59)
Module 4 Unit 3
Unit 1 Training Mechanics: Release Word
Unit 2 Basic Behavior: Stand (2:34)
Unit 3 Basic Behavior: Stay (2:48)
Unit 4 Problem Behavior: Door Rushing
Unit 5 Solution: Implied Wait (3:45)
Module 5 Unit 4
Unit 1 Training Mechanics: Duration, Distance, Distractions
Unit 2 Basic Behavior: Trick - Take a Bow (1:48)
Unit 3 Basic Behavior: Relationship Game for Recall and Enrichment
Unit 4 Problem Behavior: Begging
Unit 5 Solution: Boundary Training (3:11) START
Module 6 Wrap up
Unit 1 Course recap
Unit 2 What's Next?
your Progress

Plan ahead!

Puppies require a lot of patience. This course will help you plan ahead and have structure to your training.

Attention from the beginning!

Training will help to reinforce your puppy paying attention to you.

Have fun with your puppy!

Training is exciting for your puppy!

About Imagine Canine

Imagine Canine Academy is a company focused on increasing the bond between humans and their dogs. Reinforcement comes in many forms and when working with each dog.

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