Tricks and Brain Games

Have fun with your dog!

Looking for a fun way to bond and work with your dog? This is the class for you! This class will give you enough trick skills to pass your AKC Novice Trick Title. Interspersed in the tricks will be fun games to play with your dogs, enrichment ideas, and ways to have fun (using things around your house!). This course will have six weeks of videos, and all students will have four months from the first day of class to submit their videos.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 What to expect in this course
Unit 2 About the instructor
Unit 3 Video Submissions and Questions
Unit 4 Event Marker
Unit 5 Equipment Needs
Unit 6 Human Mechanics and Training Plan
Module 2 Unit 1
Unit 1 Foundation Behavior: Nose Touch (1:44)
Unit 2 Foundation Behavior: Front Foot Target (3:38)
Unit 3 Trick 1: Bow (1:48)
Unit 4 Trick 2: Shake (3:02)
Unit 5 Brain Game: Cereal Box
Module 3 Unit 2
Unit 1 Foundation Behavior: Individual Front Foot Target
Unit 2 Trick 1: Crawl (2:14)
Unit 3 Trick 2: Get in (box) (4:35)
Unit 4 Brain Game: Muffin Tin Puzzle
Module 4 Unit 3
Unit 1 Trick 1: Paws Up (2 paws up)
Unit 2 Trick 2: Wave (1:35)
Unit 3 Trick 3: Yes and No
Unit 4 Brain Game: The Shell Game
Module 5 Unit 4
Unit 1 Trick 1: High Five
Unit 2 Trick 2: Spin in both directions
Module 6 Unit 6
Unit 1 Brain Game: Hot and Cold
your Progress

Plan ahead!

Puppies require a lot of patience. This course will help you plan ahead and have structure to your training.

Attention from the beginning!

Training will help to reinforce your puppy paying attention to you.

Have fun with your puppy!

Training is exciting for your puppy!

About Imagine Canine

Imagine Canine Academy is a company focused on increasing the bond between humans and their dogs. Reinforcement comes in many forms and when working with each dog.

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