Recall and Live Saving Skills

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One of the most requested behaviors that people need help with is their dog coming when called. This course will cover recall, leave it, stay, boundary training, and more. Teach your dog important life-saving skills from the comfort of your home with help from a certified professional.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 What to expect in this course  
Unit 2 About the instructor  
Unit 3 Video Submissions and Questions  
Unit 4 Event Marker  
Unit 5 Distractions  
Unit 6 Human Mechanics and Training  
Module 2 Unit 1
Unit 1 Recall Behavior: Collar Grabs (2:41)  
Unit 2 Recall Behavior: Name Game (2:28)  
Unit 3 Recall Behavior: Nose Touch (1:44)  
Unit 4 Skill: Stay (2:48)  
Module 3 Unit 2
Unit 1 Recall Behavior: Chin Rest (3:43)  
Unit 2 Recall Behavior: Walking Outside (2:42)  
Unit 3 Recall Behavior: Whiplash Turn (3:17)  
Unit 4 Skill: Leave It (2:42)  
Module 4 Unit 3
Unit 1 Skill: Boundary Training (3:11)  
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Plan ahead!

Puppies require a lot of patience. This course will help you plan ahead and have structure to your training.

Attention from the beginning!

Training will help to reinforce your puppy paying attention to you.

Have fun with your puppy!

Training is exciting for your puppy!

About Imagine Canine

Imagine Canine Academy is a company focused on increasing the bond between humans and their dogs. Reinforcement comes in many forms and when working with each dog.

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